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Public Service Media ‘spends more on content than Netflix and Amazon’

New research from European Broadcasting Union

Public service media spends 2.6 times more on content than Netflix and Amazon combined worldwide according to new research from the EBU.

The figures are part of a new campaign by the EBU to highlight the importance of public service media, titled Keep Media Good.

It’s the first time European public broadcasters have joined forces to champion their role, in the wake of a proliferation of fake news, disputes over funding and the rise of online streaming giants.

According to the EBU’s data, public media organisations are the highest spenders on original content in 13 of 15 major European countries and contribute far more to the support of independent production than commercial companies.

It also reveals that almost two-thirds of programming shown by EBU members is original content, while 87 per cent is made in the country itself or in an EU nation.

“It is vitally important that people are reminded of the critical role public service media plays in society and everyday life,” said Noel Curran, director general of the EBU.

“Public service media organisations are the biggest investors in European audiovisual production, European journalism and European audiovisual culture. They impact positively on people’s lives every day across the whole continent. That is why we’ve launched the Keep Media Good campaign.”