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Parliament to discuss FIFA World Cup broadcasting rights

Labour MP John Grogan to raise topic of sporting listed events

The British Parliament will discuss broadcasting rights around the FIFA World Cup just three hours before kick-off of tonight’s semi-final match between England and Croatia.

Today’s agenda for Westminster Hall includes the topic of sporting listed events, raised by Labour backbench MP John Grogan. The discussion is due to take place around 4pm.

If the home nations were to submit a bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2030, there are fears that the football governing body would put pressure on the government to amend its laws protecting the free-to-air status of the tournament.

According to the Guardian, Grogan will say that the World Cup must remain protected by the listed events legislation which dates back to the 1950s. “This is a British success story which we must preserve for future generations so that they too can be inspired by the very best in the world of sport,” he said.

Grogan is also expected to argue that the World Cups for women in football, rugby and cricket should be added to the list of protected events to recognise their increased popularity among the public.