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Ofcom proposes changes to EPGs

Aims to improve EPGs for people with visual impairments

Ofcom has opened consultation on changes to EPGs in order to make them more accessible for anyone with visual impairments.

It’s proposing amendments to the EPG code that would make certain features more readily available to viewers to help them navigate channels more easily.

The proposals include:

– Text to speech – channel information, and the text necessary for navigation, to be made available as speech

– Filtering and highlighting – programmes with audio description, and those with signing, are highlighted or listed separately

– Magnification – users can magnify or enlarge EPG information

– High-contrast display – users can switch between the default and high-contrast display.

Ofcom says the changes would apply EPGs made available on all new models of TV receivers in development from 2018.

It is inviting views on its proposals by 6th February 2018.