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NOW TV appoints astrologers to help viewers find their perfect content

Have predicted which films and TV will be the perfect watch for each star sign

NOW TV is aiming to help viewers find their perfect films and TV shows to watch over Christmas, by appointing two astrologers.

According to a survey of 2,000 viewers commissioned by NOW TV, 49 per cent of respondents said that if an astrologer helped them to decide what to watch via their sun sign, they would give their recommendation a go.

Therefore, NOW TV has appointed Russell Grant and Francesca Oddie to provide suggestions for both Christmas and into 2020.

By deciphering planet alignments, moon phases and the effects the celestial movements have on viewers’ mood, NOW TV subscribers can now base their choice on the stars, as well as the TV highlights pages.

“Astrology is all about choice – I’ve delved into the signs and the transits and rulership of the planets to help me deliver a variety of different programmes and films to match the different moments and moods to help viewers to choose what to watch to according to their sun sign,” said Grant.

The list of the duo’s picks over Christmas is below: