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BBC Two to produce virtual reality property show

Marks the first time on British TV that the technology will be used in a property series

BBC Two has commissioned Remarkable Television to make a 8×60’ property series that uses virtual reality and visual effects.

Watch This Space, presented by Angela Scanlon (pictured), marks the first time on British TV that the technology will be used in a property series.

Each episode will feature two couples who disagree about the best design solutions for their homes. Architects Laura Clark and Robert Jamison will be given the couple’s conflicting briefs to produce one design each, offering radically different proposals. Working to the homeowner’s budget, they will be tasked with things such as making a two-bedroom house functional for a family of five and relocating a bathroom upstairs.

The homeowners will then be able to ‘step into’ and explore these designs using state-of-the-art VR technology, providing an experience of how their reimagined homes could look through the use of photo-real visual effects. The couples must then choose which plans to take on and build themselves.

“We are really excited about this original property format which is no average home build show,” said Kitty Walshe, joint managing director of Remarkable Television. “We are taking ordinary homes and offering extraordinary transformations based on the homeowners own budgets and we are using technology in a way that has never been seen on British television before.”

Patrick Holland, controller, BBC Two, added: “This is a really exciting combination of game changing technology and a terrific makeover show. It promises to be the next great property series on BBC Two.”