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Polecam and Camera Corps join forces once again

Polecam Systems and Camera Corps (part of the Vitec group) continue to develop their long-standing symbiotic professional relationship by co-exhibiting at this year’s BVE. The two companies first worked together at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, and have since collaborated on every Summer and Winter Games as well as a number of high profile events.

Polecam Systems is showing new and existing products from its range including its new Autopod: a remotely operated programmable elevation unit not only for rigs, remote heads and cameras, but for lights. speakers and more.

Also on show is the Polecam PPP (Polecam Professional Pack) and the Polecam PSP+ Skeleton rig, a stripped down version of the Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+) rig. The new Polecam PPP is ready to receive the DJI Ronin or Ronin M, opening up the possibility of using Polecam in windy conditions, even with zoom lens on board.

The Antelope Camera Systems PICO high speed ultra-motion minicam is also on show with its dedicated FishFace underwater housing and new lens drive.

Visitors are also able to see Polecam’s new Goalcam mobile rig allowing new and exciting football goalmouth footage for viewers and for game analysis.