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Leading the AoIP migration

The Telos Alliance’s TV Solutions Group (TVSG) is showcasing audio equipment and solutions from Linear Acoustic, Minnetonka Audio and Telos Alliance Audio-over-IP (AoIP) partners Axia, Omnia Audio and Telos Systems.

According to the company, the Telos Alliance “Pioneered the core of AoIP technology with the introduction of Livewire” in 2003, and more recently established the interoperable and standards-based Livewire+ AES67 protocol.

Telos Alliance’s new TVSG unites the company’s wide range of AoIP software and hardware products, designed to deliver the most comprehensive offering of networked audio technology, matching familiar application needs with edge solutions across any level of TV broadcast and production; from islands of AoIP to enterprise.

“BVE is a great opportunity for the newly formed TV Solutions Group to meet the UK TV broadcast community, many of whom may be seeing these products for the first time, and to explain the many benefits of Telos Alliance’s established range of AoIP technologies,” said Martin Dyster, VP business development, TV Solutions Group.