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Focal Point VR launches Ubiety

Focal Point VR has launched its 360-degree VR live stream software platform – Ubiety. The company is inviting attendees to experience VR ‘teleportation’, discovering “an entirely new way of experiencing real world live events” through streamed VR video.

The platform supports everything from delivering an HD 360-degree stream to YouTube through to multi viewpoint 360-degree, as well as stereo VR ultra high resolution (6K and beyond), and event coverage delivered to customisable VR apps and html5 players.

Ubiety is comprised of two main components; the Ubiety Stream Processor, which connects to the VR cameras and processes the video into a VR stream; and the Ubiety VR Player, which runs on the viewer’s VR device. Ubiety can be configured to stream over a client CDN or can be setup with a managed CDN providing a complete turnkey camera to headset solution.

Focal Point VR stated, “VR offers an entirely new way of experiencing the real world. With streamed VR video, this emerging technology can give people the chance to be in the best seat in the house for every future real-world event. Focal Point VR is creating the technology necessary to realise the dream of people being able to put on a VR headset and then be ‘teleported’ to another place, live.”