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EVS displays XT4K, Xeebra

EVS has brought its production tools to the ExCeL, including the XT4K live production server, DYVI switcher and Xeebra multi-angle review system.

The XT4K supports four channels of uncompressed UHD-4K on a single 12G-SDI wire with XAVC-4K recording and ten-bit HDR support. According to the company, the server also has the ability to support 12 or more HD and 1080p channels with the ChannelMAX configuration and features integrated on-board IP technology for I/O.

A number of applications from EVS’ suite of live tools are also be on display at the show, including the operator’s interface LSM Connect, the live replay enhancement suite of Epsio tools and IPWeb, the remote browsing application.

Visitors to the EVS stand are able to use IPWeb to access, browse, select and clip content stored on servers at the company’s headquarters in Liège, Belgium.

Also on show is the DYVI. Designed for broadcast studios and stadiums that have multiple productions and broadcast outputs, the IT-based architecture enables both creativity and production efficiencies, letting operators go beyond the traditional limits of the classic switcher design.

With the ability to play, pause, rewind and even zoom into 16 HD camera feeds at once, Xeebra “opens up opportunities for multiple stakeholders”. From sports analysts and referees to medical and coaching staff, the system lets operators utilise an intuitive touchscreen or dedicated controller to analyse the camera feeds that “remain entirely in-sync no matter how they’re reviewed”.