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DigiLink for reliable IP transport

At BVE 2016, Artel will showcase its 'robust and flexible' DigiLink media transport platform

Reliable IP networks are fast becoming a reality for delivering live broadcast streams.

At BVE 2016, Artel will showcase its “robust and flexible” DigiLink media transport platform which, it says, is designed to meet the needs of broadcasters, service providers, and others transitioning to an all-IP-based or hybrid fibre/IP-based media network.

“With the advent of reliable IP networks and the development of industry transport standards such as SMPTE 2022 broadcast-quality video over IP is now a reality,” said the firm.

“At BVE 2016, Artel will showcase a complete set of cost-effective, reliable solutions for transporting HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVB-ASI over IP networks. Attendees can stop by Artel’s booth, which will showcase the DigiLink platform’s unmatched flexibility, reliability, ease of use and configuration, and cost-effectiveness and learn more about our IP- and fibre-based media transport solutions.”