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CloudAir makes start-up faster and more affordable

BVE 2016 sees PlayBox Technology unveiling its CloudAir Universal Playout and Streaming Platform

BVE 2016 sees PlayBox Technology unveiling its CloudAir Universal Playout and Streaming Platform.

“CloudAir offers a gateway through which new television channels can be established without the usual preliminary investment in playout infrastructure,” reports Don Ash, president of PlayBox Technology. “Channel proprietors are then free to invest their start-up capital in creating or acquiring content from which they can build up a healthy revenue stream.”

From an operational perspective, CloudAir allows new television channels to be established in little more time than it takes to make a phone call to the service provider. This is particularly important to anyone creating transient OTT channels supporting a short-running programme series such as the Olympics.

Ash continues, “CloudAir can be purchased from PlayBox Technology on a standard software licensing model or via partner companies offering software as a service. Content owners stand to gain unsurpassed flexibility in the way they manage their business model, whether starting a new channel, extending their transmission hours, adding new programme streams, or planning ahead for advanced transmission standards such as 4K ultra high definition.”

The platform can be tailored to provide exactly the capabilities customers require for their current activities, including ingest, source transcoding, quality control, media asset management, production, post production, subtitling, scheduling, playout and transmission.

Ash concludes, “CloudAir is easy to operate and can be used locally or remotely via a standard HTML web browser. The control interface provides all the information an operator needs to process the task in hand, including the freedom to decide the order in which these processes are performed.”