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Aspen Media gets fit for BVE

Broadcast audio distributor Aspen Media is giving away a Fitbit Charge HR heart rate and fitness wristband at BVE 2016

In a bid to help its customers achieve the 10,000 steps a day recommended for health improvement while tracking their heart rate and exercise stats, broadcast audio distributor Aspen Media will be giving away a Fitbit Charge HR heart rate and fitness wristband on stand G30. However, getting fit is only a very small part of what is on offer from Aspen Media.

Intercom supplier DELEC, will, for the first time in the UK, be showing two products in its new Unito range of Dante enabled audio interfaces. DIO, short for Dante Input Output, offers a host of interfaces and conversion choices and incorporates a mic pre-amp and stereo headphone amplifier.

NIO 0204 is an ingest interface that accommodates analogue, digital or headphone monitoring. It can be connected directly to any Dante equipped system or a computer running the Dante Virtual Sound Card (VSC), or it may be located remotely to the monitored device or system, connecting via standard network switches and infrastructure.

Cost-effective and with a small footprint NIO 0204 is an ideal tool for facilities, production or broadcast providers that use centralised computing or processing. The NIO 0204 can sit alongside a KVM connected computer display, keyboard and mouse and provide monitoring to loudspeakers or headphones, while the Dante connection presets also allow rapid reselection of the workstation being monitored.

Microphones for voiceover, continuity or commentary can be connected to the NIO 0204’s high quality 32-bit mic inputs. Remaining analogue and digital IO connect to other local sources such as portable or installed media players for local audition, or ingest to the central system via the return Dante connection.