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Managing the colours

Flanders Scientific is showcasing the new DM250 24.5-inch OLED reference Monitor, the company’s most advanced monitor to date

Flanders Scientific will be showcasing the new DM250 24.5-inch OLED reference Monitor. This is the company’s most advanced monitor to date and is built for the operator who needs advanced colour management capabilities.

It includes 12-bit video processing and a 10-bit OLED panel capable of reproducing 1.073 billion colours on screen and comes equipped with 3G/Dual-Link/HD/SDSDI, DVI-D, and display port inputs with support for virtually any signal format, including advanced 12 bit, 4:4:4, and XYZ signal formats.

The third generation Color Fidelity Engine (CFE3) is capable of real-time LUT updates, removing the need for a stand-alone LUT box between the source and display.

Along with the ability to apply instant LUT updates, the DM250 features two dedicated second screen outputs allowing operators to mirror the DM250’s screen to downstream equipment. This includes mirroring useful features like anamorphic de-squeeze, markers, time code, and applying a LUT to any other monitors connected to your DM250.

The DM250 also features a new zero-delay processing mode that when activated brings latency between receipt of the signal and onscreen display to under one field of delay.

The DM250 is also the first Flanders Scientific monitor to come equipped with cross conversion capability taking display port/HDMI/DVI signals and converting them to SDI for output to downstream SDI devices eliminating the need for external signal converters.