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Vince Pace set to present at TVBEurope’s 3D Masters event

Vince Pace, one of the world’s leading 3D technologists, is to make a special featured presentation at TVBEurope’s 3D Masters 2011 conference, to be held on 15 June at BAFTA.

Vince Pace (pictured), one of the world’s leading 3D technologists and long-time James Cameron collaborator, is to make a special featured presentation at TVBEurope’s 3D Masters 2011 conference on 15 June at BAFTA, writes Adrian Pennington.

Pace has been at the forefront of stereo 3D image capture since 2003 when his groundbreaking development of the Fusion rig system with James Cameron helped the director create Ghosts of the Abyss and, subsequently, Avatar.

Since Avatar, Pace systems have been used extensively on A-list Hollywood features from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides to Hugo Cabret, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Tron Legacy and Life of Pi. Fusion is also being optimised for use on the two Avatar sequels Cameron is currently preparing.

The duo recently cemented their relationship by forming the CAMERON – PACE Group (CPG) with the stated aim of accelerating 3D rig manufacturing in order to serve the broadcast industry and with Pace as co-chairman & CEO.

Pace technology has been used to cover over 40 live sports broadcasts, including the US Masters Golf from Augusta in April, as well as musical and concert events such as Cirque du Soleil 3D.

Pace, a forthright and engaging speaker, will share with the 3D Masters audience, his bold vision for the future of 3D TV production.

He will argue that 2D and 3D outside broadcasts should be streamlined to reduce the cost and complexity of joint production; suggest how directors might position cameras to maximise the impact of both 2D and 3D sports action; and contend that 3D recorded or live programming should be approached with a sound business model in place.

He will also call for a stronger creative direction in 3D production, arguing that technology should be able to fit the creative demands of a director or DP. CPG intends to invest significantly in the development of a next-generation ‘smart camera’ and rig system for TV which automates much of the current time-consuming manual processes involved in rig/lens alignment and adjusting convergence.

Vince Pace will share the direction of these plans with the 3D Masters audience and explain how his company proposes to engage and partner with producers, broadcasters and technology firms in Europe.

The pioneers of 3D TV production from BSkyB chief engineer Chris Johns to 3Ality Digital CEO Steve Schklair will be present at 3D Masters 2011 where there will also be an opportunity to quiz them at first hand. Come along, and come armed with questions.