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Verizon opens London 5G Lab

Potential use cases include autonomous vehicles and AR/VR

Verizon has opened a 5G Lab in London, offering a live Verizon 5G-enabled environment where organisations can develop and test 5G applications and experiences.

Located at Verizon’s Mid City Place office in central London, Verizon says it is the company’s first 5G-enabled facility outside the US.

According to Verizon, potential use cases include autonomous vehicles, the industrial Internet of Things, immersive education, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and responsive gaming – exploring how they can be enhanced by 5G’s super-fast speeds, massive bandwidth and low latency.

Verizon will also open a 5G-enabled production studio in April 2020 to complement the 5G Lab, offering a space in London for partners to produce 3D content, including AR/VR experiences using volumetric capture, motion capture and AR broadcast.

“Verizon has proven expertise in delivering 5G in the US,” said Toby Redshaw, Verizon Business Group’s vice president of Innovation. “One of the best ways of unleashing the true possibilities of 5G is getting it into the hands of innovators and visionaries.

“Our London facility enables our international customers to benefit from this expertise as they look to deploy 5G-enabled applications and experiences.”