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UK government opens Channel 4 sell-off consultation

Government wants to keep Channel 4's status as a public service broadcaster

The UK government has officially opened the 10 week consultation on the future of Channel 4, which will consider both the ownership and remit of the broadcaster.

The consultation states that the government’s “preferred option” is a change in ownership which it says will give the broadcaster “access to new strategic and investment opportunities”.

According to the consultation, the government wants to keep Channel 4’s status as a public service broadcaster.

Culture minister Oliver Dowden said, “The media world has changed immeasurably since Channel 4’s creation in the early 1980s, but whilst we have more choice today the need for a strong and successful Channel 4 continues.

“So in the face of rising global competition, now is the right time to strengthen UK public service broadcasters and consider releasing Channel 4 from the constraints of public ownership, enabling it to thrive for the next 40 years and beyond.”

The consultation will run for 10 weeks and closes on 14th September 2021 at 23:45.

The government said it intends to publish a broadcasting white paper in the autumn which will consider the future of the country’s broadcasting landscape with the ultimate aim of making sure it serves listeners and viewers on all platforms and across the UK.

Full details of the consultation are available here.