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TVBAwards: The Delivery nominees

On 23 October, awards will be presented across four categories - we look at the potential winners in the Delivery field

Two weeks to go until the TVBAwards, and that means two weeks to round up your colleagues, book tickets and make your way to the Hilton London Wembley. On 23 October 13 awards will be presented across four categories, and today we look at the potential winners in the Delivery field.

The Achievement in Fast Turnaround will be awarded to the team responsible for outstanding production and technical achievement in a live or near live TV programme. The World Cup was one of the most watched TV events of the year, so its little surprise that the BBC World Cup live streaming project has earned Elemental Technologies a nomination. Aspera has also been nominated for its work in sports broadcast. When BT Sport launched its new collection of sports channels, Aspera Sync was chosen to supply high-performance data replication between BT’s new facility and a mirror system at BT Tower.

ORAD Hi-Tec Systems is nominated for RTL News: 3D Window into the World, and finally, The Storms that Stole Christmas means Pioneer Productions is in the running for the award.

Although nominated projects must have been completed in the last year, the content itself needn’t be current. Achievement in Legacy Content aims to recognise outstanding repurposing, restoration or monetisation of legacy content. Russia Television and Radio/FERC Sovtelexport has been nominated for historical film World War I: The Suicide of Europe, and the BFI National Archive/Deluxe Digital for The Epic of Everest.

RR Media Global Communications Network completed a project for British Pathé, reformatting and delivering one of the largest archives of historic audiovisual content to YouTube earlier this year, and has been nominated for the TVBAward as a result. Finally, Russian broadcaster NTV is implementing a new, fully digital nonlinear archive system that allows it to tap into 20 years of old recordings that are now being stored on nearly 300,000 videotapes. Behind the project lie solutions from Front Porch Digital, leading to the company’s nomination.

The third award within the Delivery category is Achievement in Multiplatform Content, recognising companies’ design and implementation of content that augments or supports a broadcast programme over multiple platforms. Elemental Technologies has been nominated a second time for its World Cup project, and FIFA event has also landed EVS a nomination, for its first multiscreen production and delivery for the 2014 World Cup.

The winners of all the awards will be announced at the TVBAwards ceremony, following a drinks reception and dinner. The event provides a great opportunity to celebrate industry talent with colleagues, and network with others. There’s still a chance to book tickets via the TVBAwards website.