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TiVo introduces enhanced metadata packages

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TiVo has introduced a series of enhanced metadata packages aimed at allowing broadcasters and networks increased visibility of their catalogues.

The Studio, Broadcast and Network Metadata Packages include themes, keywords, images and related programmes.

The packages include:

Knowledge Graph Engine: TiVo's Knowledge Graph Engine provides discovery systems with a deeper understanding of entertainment content, how it relates to each other and the strength of those connections. It enables more contextually-relevant discovery experiences by assessing what is happening in a specific part of the world at any moment and relating that to entertainment content to anticipate what viewers will want next

Enhanced connections: TiVo's machine learning technology also identifies relevant connections between content along with the strength of the relationship, enabling search and recommendation systems to present related content when appropriate. For example, articles on a content producer's web properties can now be mapped to informative profile pages, creating more opportunities to consume media

Trending content: TiVo continuously assesses the popularity and relevance of content, enabling discovery systems to anticipate consumers' interests and more effectively merchandise catalogues by prioritising and promoting popular content. Popularity can also be used to prioritise predictive search results, connecting users with the content they're looking for as quickly as possible

Keyword relevancy: An expanded set of descriptive metadata creates new ways to discover content, increasing the visibility of a content producer's catalogues. For example, keywords that provide a deeper understanding of content enable more relevant recommendations and make content more searchable

TiVo says their "deep, real-time, regionalised metadata can be seamlessly distributed to various platforms, enabling new ways to discover content. The company's scalable, multi-format delivery support also ensures seamless availability to various distribution platforms and internal standards."

Roz Ho, senior vice president and general manager of metadata, TiVo, said "Studios, broadcasters and networks make large investments to bring the most compelling content to their viewers, but they frequently have large untapped back catalogues that are not being maximised against an increasing number of fragmented distribution opportunities."

"By analysing these catalogues, TiVo can build stronger connections and deliver enhanced metadata that will better optimise the content for greater discoverability.