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The Technology Leaders’ Briefing will be about “getting down to business”

Event takes place on Tuesday, 6th November

Mark Harrison, managing director of the Digital Production Partnership, has told TVBEurope that 2018 has seen customers and suppliers “getting back down to business”.

Harrison says a couple of years ago the industry could see a group of important innovations all appearing over the horizon at once – UHD, Cloud, IP, AI, VR. 

“It created lots of excitement – but also plenty of hype, and all at a time of enormous business change,” says Harrison. “There has been a real sense this year of customers and suppliers getting back down to business. It has been far more practical: trying to solve problems and re-engineer operations for a more agile, responsive and cost conscious future. That has also, necessarily, brought more focus than ever before on collaboration. And that makes our specialist briefing between customers and suppliers especially valuable – for everyone.”

The DPP will host The Technology Leaders’ Briefing 2018 on 6th November in London. Harrison admits he’s not quite sure what the key priorities for 2019 will be: “The beauty of our briefing format is that we don’t know!” he explains. “We will see unexpected trends emerge on the day.:

He does think three themes are likely to stand out on the day: the first will be supply chain modernisation, focusing on automation, interoperability and the use of common standards and specifications – including the implementation of IMF. The second, predicts Harrison, will be data analytics, as a means to gain both business intelligence and audience insight. And the third will be security – building a supply chain that can be trusted. “But standby for skills to be a continuous cross cutting theme: it was in 2016 and 2017,” he adds.

The day’s agenda is packed with key speakers from across the various areas of media and technology, as Harrison explains: “The UK broadcaster leaders will start the day – and it will be fascinating to see how their priorities have moved on from the themes they discussed last year. 

“We’ll then hear from two of the world’s biggest cloud providers, Google and Microsoft, on what their partners need to know. At the end of the morning we’ll get insights from four businesses that have led major transformations – Sky, CBC, Vice Media and Al Jazeera.” 

The afternoon will kick off with a discussion around the skills and talent challenge head on with a Keynote from the “inspirational and unmissable Dr Sue Black,” says Harrison. “The rest of the day brings us three of the biggest players in Sport – BT Sport, Perform Group and Eurosport Digital – and then the giant North American Networks – Vicacom, PBS, Turner and Fox. 

“It’s difficult to imagine more actionable business intelligence from a single day!”

Full details of The Technology Leaders’ Briefing 2018 can be found here.