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The Rocky world of stunts

When Britain’s oldest stuntman performed a 40ft plunge from a burning building to raise awareness about charitable legacies, SIS Live brought along its NewTek-equipped SISCaster to stream the event live.

SIS Live and NewTek teamed up this summer to capture Britain’s oldest stuntman performing a 40ft plunge from a burning building to raise awareness about charitable legacies, writes David Stewart.

Stuntman Rocky Taylor made the headlines in 1985 when one of his stunts went tragically wrong while filming on the set of Michael Winner’s thriller Death Wish 3. This summer Taylor attempted the stunt again when he jumped off Battersea Power Station onto a pile of cardboard boxes.

SIS Live was chosen to stream this multi-camera event live on the web, using its SISCaster OB vehicle to capture the daring stunt.

The stunt was screened live on Facebook using SISCaster, with the highlights available on YouTube.

Already fully integrated with TriCaster and 3Play, SISCaster was ready to deploy. The TriCaster was used to mix camera sources and the 3Play was used to replay the stunt in slow motion.

For this production using TriCaster and 3Play together, SISCaster only needed two staff, a vision operator (operating TriCaster/3Play) and a SISCaster operator.

The partnership between SIS Live and NewTek started in 2009 with the build of one of the smallest mobile production units available: the SISCaster. It’s a low cost, compact outside broadcast vehicle for live broadcasting, web streaming and mobile content delivery.

SIS Live’s fleet now includes two TriCaster 300s, one TriCaster 850, one 3Play 330 and two of the 3Play 820s.

SIS Live was one of the first to integrate 3Play 820, the game changing replay system, shortly after it was launched and took the opportunity to trial the 3Play 820 during Wimbledon tennis this year.

“We have partnered with NewTek for the past few years and enjoy a great relationship with them. NewTek’s products are extremely versatile and have great functionality. They are also very reasonably priced,” said a SIS Live spokesperson.