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Telestream to acquire IneoQuest

Telestream has agreed a deal to acquire video analytics and service assurance solutions provider IneoQuest.

Founded in 2001, IneoQuest has designed its solutions to provide media companies and service providers with the highest possible quality across any network, managed or unmanaged.

The move is part of Telestream’s mandate to deliver the highest possible video quality to their viewers on any device, and will extend the company’s reach from content creation to content distribution.

“When it comes to media processing and delivery, the Telestream brand has become synonymous with quality,” said Dan Castles, Telestream CEO (pictured).

“With the addition of IneoQuest technology to our existing QC capabilities, our customers will have the ability to monitor quality at any point in the delivery pipeline, making diagnosing and correcting a problem easier than ever before. With IneoQuest solutions, customers will also have access to actionable intelligence that will allow them to deploy content more strategically and gain new levels of confidence that their video is of the highest quality.”

IneoQuest’s solutions are designed to be able to tell customers if content was prepared correctly, and if it was delivered properly over managed and unmanaged networks to their viewers. Remote hardware and software agents placed throughout the delivery network are designed to give dynamic feedback on stream quality all the way to consumption point.

“Whether a broadcaster, a content provider, or a carrier, our customers want to understand where their content delivery networks are most effective, and where they are not. IneoQuest technology provides them with intelligence that allows them to assess the viewer experience at delivery and take immediate, appropriate action,” explained Calvin Harrison, IneoQuest CEO.

“We are happy to be joining the Telestream family and are looking forward to seeing our technology contribute to Telestream’s next phase of growth.”

The deal is subject to customary conditions and is expected to be completed near the end of the first quarter of 2017.