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Talpa Radio in tune with Lawo

Lawo to provide Talpa Radio's new digital audio matrix

Talpa Radio, owner of four radio stations in the Netherlands, has brought in Lawo to provide its new digital audio matrix.

The company’s largest broadcasting setup is now using a Lawo Nova73 in its main facilities, and a Nova Compact for co-location (distribution to all suppliers).

For video and SDI-embedded audio, the team are now using a Lawo V-pro8 solution. The Virtual Studio Manager is running on two HP DL320 servers with two GPIO boxes, one hardware panel with rotary encoder, one software panel, and one RS232 box.

“The benefit for us lies in the ability of VSM to connect to our DHD broadcast consoles, Black Magic Videohub 288 and many other pieces of equipment. We are now flexible in the way we use our facilities,” said Jens Timmermans, manager technical facilities of Talpa Radio.

“Our six radio studios – four main studios and two backup studios – can be allocated according to the most efficient way of use, in combination with our broadcast consoles. Switching via VSM also ensures that, whenever a different studio is assigned to visual radio, the correct station logo is displayed. This is very important with regard to the brand awareness of our listeners and viewers.”