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Sky VR to turn Sir David Attenborough into a hologram

Hold the World experience will go into production later this year

Sky VR Studio has commissioned Factory 42 to create a three-dimensional hologram of Sir David Attenborough, which will debut at the Natural History Museum later this year.

The Hold the World VR experience will allow visitors to get ‘hands-on’ access to rare objects, while a three-dimensional hologram of Sir David offers his own unique insight on each specimen in a one-on-one interactive experience.

The technology will allow users to hold up, peer inside, tilt and look more closely at the objects, which include fossils, bones and skulls from the museum’s collection. Hold the World represents the first time these technologies have been combined in this way.

The new VR experience is commissioned by the Sky VR Studio and produced by immersive content studio Factory 42, in association with Dream Reality Interactive and Talesmith.

Sir David Attenborough commented: “I have enjoyed helping people to discover more about the natural world, and Hold the World offers people a unique opportunity: to examine rare objects, some millions of years old, up close. It represents an extraordinary new step in how people can explore and experience nature, all from the comfort of their own homes and I am delighted to be able to help users uncover some of the treasures the Natural History Museum has to offer in a thrilling new way.”

Gary Davey, managing director for content at Sky, added: “Virtual reality is all about experiencing things you could only ever dream of in real life. So in this ground-breaking new experience from Sky, people can handle precious dinosaur fossils and delicate insects with a holographic Sir David Attenborough as their guide. We’re delighted to be bringing together this world-best technology and Sir David, a legend on all things nature, to make this ambitious project a reality.”