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Serie A sets deadline for Mediapro deal

€1.3 billion deal to be reviewed by the league’s 20 clubs

Serie A has set a deadline of 30th September for Mediapro’s offer to establish a dedicated TV channel to broadcast Italian league matches from 2021.

The deal, worth €1.3 billion per season, will be reviewed by the league’s 20 clubs.

As well as top-tier matches, the new channel is expected to include live TV shows and transfer news, highlights and friendlies, potentially adding other matches from minor leagues and Coppa Italia.

Reports of a deal between the two first surfaced at the beginning of July.

According to the league: “The Serie A League Assembly unanimously intends to maintain full power in contacting the communication market operators for the assignment of audiovisual rights for the three-year period of 2021/2024. However, we are positively evaluating the possibility of realising a new channel for the league.

“It will be up to the chairman and the chief executive officer to negotiate and define the contractual agreement with Mediapro no later than the 30th September 2019, on the basis of the economic offer referred to in the Mediapro proposal of 26th July 2019.”