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Samsung drops 3D

Samsung is to drop 3D technology from its future range of products

Samsung is to drop 3D technology from its future range of products.

The decision was made following a lack of new orders for the company’s shutter glass 3D glasses.

“Even though we had been supplying 3D glasses until last year, there are no request for new supply this year,” said a representative for a Samsung partner.

“It is seen that Samsung Electronics is not going to apply 3D technology into its new TVs.”

The news comes after a stall in the advancement of 3D technology, with manufacturers failing to jump the 3D glasses hurdle set in place by consumers.

A recent report from market research company IHS said, “3D TV was a fail due to content, prices and technology. “The fact that people have to wear glasses to watch 3D TVs did not work too well for consumers.”

A lack of standardisation in 3D glasses, along with the anticipated rise of virtual reality, has convinced Samsung to turn its back on the technology, despite Sky continuing to offer 3D content on demand.

LG has also taken a step in same direction, announcing that it will halve its production of 3D TVs.

“Although 40 per cent of all TVs last year had 3D functions, only 20 per cent of TVs this year will have 3D functionality,” said an LG representative.

“Because there are still consumers who enjoys 3D movies and others, we are going to apply 3D function mainly on premium products.”