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Sample Appointments Feature

UK: It’s a bit much when you are about to celebrate 25 successful years in the business and your landlord says, effectively, “Sorry sir but I’m afraid you’ll have to move along, we’re knocking your offices down.” Hardly a great reason to trumpet your change of address, but studio and acoustic design specialists Munro Acoustics found a silver lining to the situation when they realised that the old offices are the perfect place to throw a wild Christmas-cum-anniversary-cum-moving party.

“After 25 brilliant years I think we deserve to let our hair down a bit,” says MD Andy Munro, “So we booked a live band, bought in lots of seriously damaging booze and have invited everyone to have as much fun as possible. If we wreck the place at the same time we’ll just be saving someone a job!” he laughs.

After a frantically busy year in which Munro Acoustics have been involved in architectural and studio installation projects in the UK, India, Turkey, Germany Italy, Poland and China, as well as recording, dubbing and broadcast studio builds for the BBC TV and Radio, Producer Mick Glossop, Leeds Metropolitan University and Platform Post, it’s only fair the company has bit of a celebration…

The new Munro premises are only a stone’s throw from the old ones at Unit 3G1, The Leathermarket, 11/13 Weston Street. London, SE1 3ER. The telephone number remains the same.

» +44 20 7403 3808