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RT to take Ofcom to court

Regulator found seven RT programmes in breach of broadcasting rules

RT is seeking judicial review of last month’s Ofcom ruling which found the broadcaster in breach of impartiality rules.

RT said in a statement: “Ofcom investigated 10 RT programmes, and decided that seven were in breach; we firmly believe that none were in breach. RT is left with no choice other than to seek judicial review of the matter.”

The broadcaster claims that Ofcom made findings “in a manner contrary to the law.”

The statement continues: “Ofcom required that RT devote yet more of its time to presenting the same mainstream viewpoints of other broadcasters, instead of delivering the alternative perspectives our viewers have come to rely on. These alternative viewpoints are essential to a well-informed public debate.

“In doing so, the regulator breached a key right of broadcasters, and more importantly of audiences. We are now placing the matter in the hands of the courts.”