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Powering global content delivery with the cloud

TVT/DMC report looks at the ‘science’ of managing large media files and multiple versions of content

TVT/DMC has released a new report outlining the processes and support structures it believes are needed to achieve state-of-the-art content versioning, regulatory compliance and media asset management.

‘The science of compliance and international content versioning’ is the second in a two-part series looking at the forces driving opportunities in new markets, which include the rapid growth of OTT services.

The whitepaper looks at the ‘science’ of managing large media files and multiple versions of content, as well as overcoming other technical challenges to successfully meet the expectation of brands and viewers.

“Getting the content work ow right is essential,” the report said. “In this climate, there is a need for operators to provide on-demand content either before, or as soon after, linear premiere as possible – in formats that meet local audience requirements.

“Getting content compliance and international versioning wrong can mean the loss of viewers and advertisers, damage to brand and even nes and sanctions from regulators. As a result, the need to prep content quickly and accurately is a global requirement – and operators need access to the support structures necessary to do that.”

Ian Brotherston, CEO, TVT/DMC, explained: “The technology and methodologies needed to get content from the studio to the screen have evolved considerably over the last decade to meet an increasingly competitive marketplace and demanding audiences.

“To meet shortened delivery cycles and content proliferation across multiple platforms and delivery paths, operators need to start embracing new ways of working that take advantage of not only cloud, but innovative software tools that enhance the efficiency of both technical processes and human collaboration.”

The full report from TVT/DMC is available on the company’s website.