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Meet the… senior architect

Benjamin Garverick, senior architect, Zixi, suggests anyone looking to enter the media tech industry should ask lot of questions, watch a lot of videos,...


Meet the… audio engineer

Josh Riordan, audio engineer at The Voiceover Gallery, tells TVBEurope how he went from recording his own music to mixing adverts for large companies....


Meet the… sales manager

CVP Belgium and Netherlands sales manager Niels Lubbers talks us through his working week, and suggests anyone looking to enter the media industry should...


Meet the… CEO

Peter Vindevogel, CEO of The Park Playground, explains how he went from building a Belgian sports channel to launching the Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) VR...


Meet the… head of talent

Julia Hardwell, head of talent, Arrow Media tells TVBEurope how starting out in hospital radio led her to her first TV role as Neil...

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