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PassionTV back on air via IPTV solution

Passion TV chooses Arqiva’s new Connected Broadcaster solution to go after the younger generation

Arqiva has re-launched the Afro-Caribbean channel Passion TV, which is now available to internet-enabled Freeview devices via a combined hybrid TV-internet solution. The channel has been off air since 2009 where it ran on Sky.

First established in 2004, Passion TV was founded by Mike Makinde in response to an existing gap in entertainment content for the Afro-Caribbean audience, in the UK. Targeting three generations of viewers, Passion TV’s aim is to showcase programmes of African descent, which speak to its audience’s heritage and daily lifestyle.

The new range of programmes shown on Passion TV include a vegetarian cooking show, morning and afternoon children’s entertainment, and programmes on current affairs, education, sports, lifestyle and Gospel music.

“With up to five million viewers across the UK, Freeview was quickly identified as the perfect solution for the re-launch of Passion TV to a younger audience,” explained Makinde. “When addressing a generation which is constantly on the move, and glued to mobiles, social media and the internet, we needed a solution which would allow for maximum reach and mobility. Passion TV chose to work with Arqiva as it has the most innovative and modern range of services, to deliver the platform we required to most suit our target audience’s viewing habits.”

Tom Cape, director of connected solutions at Arqiva said, “Arqiva prides itself on keeping up-to-date with the latest technology developments. Over the past year we have conducted a four-part research project into the future of connected broadcasting so that we can present the best broadcast models to our customers. Our new hybrid TV solution will enable Passion TV to deliver seamless TV and connect with its viewers in the most innovative way.”

The channel launch follows a series of announcements around Arqiva’s Connected Broadcaster solution, including the recent move to Freeview by jewellery company Rocks & Co.

Available since 4 August, Passion TV airs on Freeview channel and YouView channel 253, 24 hours a day.