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Ofcom publishes draft broadcast licences in event of no-deal Brexit

If the UK exits with no deal, some broadcasting licences will need to be amended

Ofcom has published draft broadcast licences which it says it proposes to issue to new successful applicants in the event the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement in place.

The regulator said if the UK Government agrees an implementation period for Brexit with the EU, it understands that arrangements for the broadcasting sector will be unchanged for the duration of this period (currently until December 2020).

“However, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the regulation of television services in the UK would change, and some broadcasting licences will need to be amended to reflect that,” said Ofcom.

While existing licences would not immediately change in the event of no deal, Ofcom said it considers that some changes would be needed in the longer term. It is inviting informal comments on the draft licences before 19th March 2019. Subject to comments received, Ofcom proposes to issue the licences to new successful applicants from the date of exit.

In summer 2019, holders of existing licences for Television Licensable Content Services, Digital Television Programme Services and Digital Television Additional Services will have a further, and formal, opportunity to make representations on changes to their licences before Ofcom varies them to include the new licence conditions.

Further details can be found via Ofcom’s website.