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Netflix and Prime to expand 4K

OTT providers Netflix and Amazon Prime are to expand their 4K content throughout 2016

OTT providers Netflix and Amazon Prime are to significantly expand their 4K content offerings throughout 2016.

Netflix, which launched its first 4K content in April 2014, has promised 600 hours of 4K content by the end of the year.

The pledge was made in an announcement late last week, with Amazon quickly following suit, similarly proclaiming it would release 600 new titles in 4K in 2016.

The vast majority of Netflix’s 4K content will be based around TV series rather than movies, partly due to Hollywood studios’ reluctance to wholly commit to third party 4K streaming.

Netflix’s launch of HDR, which was announced last week, will not occur until later this year.

Prime, in turn, will release 27 new 4K titles in HDR, which will be exclusive to US customers.

Amazon’s 4K subscription component of its video service is currently only available to customers in the US, UK, Germany and Japan, with future plans to expand to other markets.