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Meerkat and Periscope to face Sqeeqee rival?

California-based social networking platform, has unveiled its own free full-featured live video streaming software, staking its claim among developers like Meerkat and Periscope.

California-based social networking platform has unveiled its own free full-featured live video streaming software, staking its claim among developers like Meerkat and Periscope, which have established themselves in the live video streaming market. Sqeeqee aims to provide individuals and businesses with a platform to share stories in real time, allowing them to broadcast and receive live video footage anywhere, on any device.

Sqeeqee’s Live Video Streaming platform lets users stream live content from the Sqeeqee website via their computer camera or GoPro camera by connecting it to their computer, or share content from a mobile device through the Sqeeqee app. Unlike Meerkat or Periscope, which place a time limit on content’s accessibility, Sqeeqee’s platform lets the user decide whether to save or discard the content. If the user desires, the videos may be saved for an unlimited time, and channel recordings can be archived indefinitely as a free service to Sqeeqee users.

“It’s all about content, content that’s delivered to real people in real time, and that’s where Sqeeqee differentiates itself,” says Jenny Q Ta, founder and CEO of Sqeeqee. “Our users will live stream provocative, yet meaningful stories about real people – their successes and struggles. Our goal is to impact society by making people think and getting people talking. Exploring topics like the day-to-day life of a homeless person, the triumphs and trials of an entrepreneur, and the difficulties and dilemmas that gay and transgender young people face with family, friends, and ‘haters’ when they make the decision to ‘come out.’ These are just a few of the topics we hope to empower our users to tackle through this exciting new medium.”

Ta and her team have developed Sqeeqee’s Live Video Streaming through the Sqeeqee app, and the company claims to be the first integrated ecommerce and social media platform offering streaming capabilities built from within, rather than acquired from outside developers.

With the latest update, users can access the new feature directly from their existing profiles on the home menu or directly from the ‘What’s New?’ posting panel. Once on the Live Streaming page, users can browse all currently streaming channels as well as search other users’ archived channels. Channels can be curated and filtered based on categories and hashtags.

Sqeeqee will also soon roll out an additional feature, which is currently in beta: the ability to capture the activity taking place on the user’s smartphone or computer screen and live stream it to their networks. The optional add-on will allow gamers to transmit their activity to one another in real time.