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Litepanels shines for MTV3’s HD upgrade

Finland's MTV3 News has converted its studio lighting to LED technology from Litepanels as part of a move to HD, using its Sola 6 and 1x1 LED lights.

Finland’s MTV3 News has converted its studio lighting to LED technology from Litepanels as part of a move to HD, writes David Fox.

“We tested a number of other manufacturers’ products and eventually decided in favour of Litepanels,” explained MTV3’s Visual Director, Johannes Kantelinen.

It is using the recently introduced Sola 6 Fresnel LED lights and three models of the 1×1 LED production light. Kantelinen had high expectations for the new lighting system, but said that the final result was even better.

A major part of the project was the modernization of the 100m2 studio used for the morning show Huomenta Suomi (Good Morning Finland – pictured top) in Helsinki, which is broadcast live every day for four hours. Host Lauri Karhuvaara is delighted with the new studio lights: “I’ve been doing this job for 15 years. Now, every day is like Christmas for me. After three hours of broadcasting live, it used to get really warm in the studio. Doing interviews is now much more comfortable. Even the Finnish Prime Minister noticed the difference. Low heat generation and the soft light are the most important advantages for me.”

MTV3 bought 24 Sola 6 LED Fresnel lights with 15.24cm (6-inch) Fresnel lenses for both the morning show studio and the 36m2 news studio (pictured left).

“The new lighting is brilliant and flattering for our news anchors. Even the studio furnishings now appear fresher on the screen,” said Kantelinen. The Sola 6 consumes only about a sixth of the energy of a conventional 650-Watt tungsten spot. The light focuses from 70º to 10º to provide the control and single shadow characteristics associated with Fresnel lights. It can also be dimmed from 100% to 0% without a visible change in colour temperature. Both focusing and brightness can also be controlled via DMX.

When ordering its Litepanels 1×1 fixtures, the lighting director, Tero Rantanen, chose 30 1×1 Standard Flood lights, 20 1×1 Bi-Focus lights and 15 1×1 Low-Profile lights, all producing 5600K daylight. “The camera loves the colour temperature,” he said. In addition, the economic and ecological benefits have been noticeable. “Our energy consumption has been significantly reduced. Overall, I am more than satisfied.”

“A further advantage for us is that the new lighting is compatible with the infrared-technology of our screens,” added Kantelinen. “With the daylight, the monitors stay nice and bright. Our 85-inch and 67-inch touchscreens for the weather report and other graphics, as well as the 57-inch LCD monitor for our live broadcasts in the news studio, look great during broadcasting.”

Photographs: Tero Rantanen, MTV3