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Interactive UHD channel launches in Europe and India

New channel brings original factual entertainment programming in UHD to around 60 million homes

TERN (Television Entertainment Reality Network) has launched Insight, a UHD factual entertainment channel which aims to offer an interactive and immersive experience. The new linear and nonlinear channel will feature original UHD content, co-created alongside production houses including Zodiak Media, KIEM and Strix.

Insight offers opportunities for viewers to interact with the programmes, and will reach around 60 million homes in Europe and India, in partnership with SES, iTV Network, Tricolor and United4All.

“With viewers increasingly watching content on multiple devices, broadcasters and advertisers must continually find new ways to connect with viewers,” said Mariam Zamaray, CEO of TERN. “In response, Insight goes beyond simple viewer interaction to incentivise and reward audience engagement. By putting viewers at the centre of the action, we believe broadcasters and advertisers now have more opportunities to attract and retain audiences.”

Original factual entertainment shows like Spartan X (Strix), On The Run (Zodiak Media), Dracula (Strix), 7 Days (KIEM), and Power & (KIEM) are shot at a standard-setting 50fps. The range of programmes is designed to showcase the best of UHD, from vivid cinematography to high-speed action.

Zamaray continued: “Insight is at the forefront of the UHD movement. We are investing in creative, cost-effective and innovative ways to produce the best UHD content. We’re excited about the possibilities that Insight brings. Not only are we giving advertisers more opportunities to engage with audiences, we’re also empowering viewers to shape the programmes they watch.”