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EVS celebrates 20 years

EVS opened its NAB press conference on Monday with a celebration of 20 years in the industry.

EVS opened its NAB press conference on Monday with a celebration of 20 years in the industry. “It is a rich history,” said Joop Janssen, CEO, “but we want to talk about the future.” And there is a lot to talk about in the company’s immediate future. During 2014 “we have all the international sports events,” commented Janssen. “and EVS is proud to be chosen by most sports federations to do the big events.” These include the upcoming FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games in Korea, offering “a fuller year of sports than ever before,” Janssen claimed.

As well as looking to the months ahead, the conference also focussed on the days ahead, with Nicolas Bourdon, SVP marketing, outlining products which were new for this year’s NAB. These include the announcement of the next generation of XS server. The server aims to offer speed and flexibility for studio ingest and fast turnaround productions. Available in 4RU and 6RU versions, the new XS supports HD-SDI and all common codecs and wrappers. The same server technology also powers the new XS NewsFlash ‘news-in-a-box’ production and playout system.

Bourdon then moved onto the topic of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, “a fantastic event where we always have the opportunity to implement new technologies.” He explained: “we have reinforced our collaboration with HBS. We are contributing to the three main levels of the World Cup.” These levels, he continued, being at the venues, in the International Broadcast Centre and the multimedia implementation at the World Cup, for which “EVS is providing the backbone, with C-Cast technology.” FIFA’s host broadcaster HBS will deploy and integrate EVS technologies including multi-format production tools, central media exchange and multimedia distribution platforms.

The company is featuring its C-Cast Xplore live content web-browsing interface, as well as the OpenCube MXF server and media interoperability software applications, for the first time at NAB.