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European licence fees ‘have never been better value’

EBU releases annual Licence Fee report

A new report from the European Broadcasting Union says on average, the annual licence fee across Europe is 35-euro cents per day – far cheaper than most European pay-TV subscriptions.

The annual Licence Fee report has been produced by the EBU’s Media Intelligence Service.

Research shows that, on average, the annual licence fee in EBU countries was €126.08 in 2017, or 35-euro cents per day.

The report states that following reforms in several European countries, the fee has declined in recent years in the EBU area: between 2013 and 2017 it is down -8.6 per cent in real terms, when taking the impact of inflation into account.

The fourth edition of the Licence Fee report details how the licence fee remains the main source of Public Service Media funding in the EBU area. In 2018, the licence fee was still collected in almost half of EBU countries.