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European broadcasters and vendors seek ever closer relationships

A new report from the DPP from its recent European Broadcaster Summit points to an environment where closer, more partnership-driven ties are being sought

Industry business network the DPP has published a summary report of its second DPP European Broadcaster Summit which suggests that the relationship between broadcasters and suppliers in Europe is deepening as both sides look for more collaborative partnerships. 

The event saw around 150 professionals from 120 companies take part in 18 workshops with the aim of generating “actionable insight from discourse and debate between European media organisations and their suppliers”.

The findings from the summit – which covered topics such as IP production strategies, driving value from metadata, cloud, and AI – suggested that both customers and vendors seek closer, long term, operational relationships, and that customers want more transparency about how products are developed. 

A consistent theme from the event was that “if the right people from the right customers and right suppliers could spend time together on the right things, the potential for progress is huge”.

“Procurement processes are faster and more effective if the right experts from vendors and customers speak much earlier,” explained DPP CEO and report author Mark Harrison. “This is far more likely to happen in North America, but in Europe there has often been a degree of caution that gets in the way. At the Summit, however, we heard real examples of how European broadcasters are changing this.”

The report goes on to suggest that the greatest challenge is about communication, and that “while it’s easy to describe what the right engagements look like, it’s difficult to orchestrate them. The DPP European Broadcaster Summit is precisely a response to this challenge.”

Participating broadcasters included A+E Networks EMEA, BBC, ITV, Mediaset, NPO, NRK, OneGate Media, RTE, RTL Deutschland, RTL Nederland, RTL Technology, RUV, Sveriges Television (SVT), SWR, Talpa Network, Teilifis Na Gaeilge, TF1, TV2 Denmark, UKTV, Yle, and ZDF.