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Ericsson chairman to step down

Ericsson’s chairman of the board, Leif Johansson, will not make himself available for reelection at the company’s AGM in 2018.

Ericsson stated that the nomination committee has initiated its search for a replacement following six years of service from Johansson.

“It has been an exciting but also challenging time,” said Johansson. “Börje Ekholm assumed the position as CEO in the beginning of the year and during the first quarter the company presented a new, more focused, business strategy.

“This strategy, which is supported by the board and the major owners, creates a solid foundation for realising Ericsson’s full potential. The company now enters a new phase, with focus on execution, and we also have a new ownership constellation.

“It is natural to let the owners jointly propose a chairman and well ahead of this I want to announce that I will not be available for a next term”.