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English Club TV hits the UAE and Morocco

EСTV Network Limited and SAWA Media have signed an agreement to broadcast the educational channel English Club TV on the DU network in the United Arab Emirates.

EСTV Network Limited has signed agreements with SAWA Media and Maroc Telecom to broadcast the educational channel English Club TV in the United Arab Emirates and Morocco respectively.

ECTV Network Limited distributes the English Club TV Channel in more than 94 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

The English Club TV channel has been available to Maroc Telecom subscribers since 1 October while it started on 17 October on the DU network in the UAE. Both are available in the basic package in SD format.

Andrew Semchenko (pictured), CEO of EСTV Network Limited, said: “The English language is an important communication tool amongst the many different nationalities living in UAE for business and cultural exchange. With the innovative educational content of the English Club TV channel, together with SAWA Media we are creating a fun and easily accessible environment for those who want to learn and improve their English language skills in an effective and exciting way.”

Ali Ajouz, managing director of SAWA Media, added: “We are pleased to finally bring a high quality English language learning channel to this region. We are confident that this channel will attract a large number of viewers who are keen to improve their communication skills, especially in a country where almost 80 per cent of its population come from over 200 countries and rely mostly on the English language for their interaction”

Also commenting on the Maroc Telecom agreement, Semchenko said: “I’m confident that the English Club TV programmes, such as Perfect English, English Up and English 911 will help the Moroccan people who desire to learn English to increase their international mobility and give more opportunities to interact with the international community.”

Mostafa Farissi, head of New Media and Multiplay in the marketing department of Maroc Telecom, remarked: “We are exceptionally happy to have started broadcasting English Club TV – a channel that can play such a valuable and vital role in education. Thanks to English Club TV and its edutainment programmes, Moroccan viewers will learn faster, easier and in a new exciting way.”

Eric Secondy, manager of Represent TV, the exclusive provider of English Club TV in the Middle East, commented: “English Club TV is a very interesting channel to have for the platforms in the region. Due to the multicultural identity of the population living in the Middle East, it makes sense for each and every person in the Middle East, including families which already speak English. Children can use English Club TV as an additional tool in the learning process of the English language at school.”

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