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EE adds two Vonetize channels

Vonetize's Corazon telenovela channel and The Baby Channel are now featured on EE TV

Vonetize’s Corazon telenovela channel and The Baby Channel are now featured on EE TV.

The move is part of Vonetize’s mission to bring content from top-tier studios to the TVs and devices of media hungry consumers in the country.

Corazon, which features hundreds of hours of telenovelas and Latin dramatic TV series, is targeting the UK’s 120,000 native Spanish speakers, but will also provide dubbed English versions for a wider audience.

The Baby Channel airs a variety of animated programmes aimed towards babies and toddlers, with content intended to encourage creativity and curiosity, as well as educational topics such as social skills, health habits, numbers and vocabulary.

The service is targeted at children up to five years old, featuring content from multiple brands.

“We are excited to enrich EE’s content offering for its subscribers with our targeted and carefully curated content,” said Vonetize CEO Noam Josephides. “Vonetize is a technology company with a deep understanding of the entertainment tastes of different ethnic and cultural communities around the world. We are proud to offer Corazon’s sweeping selection of Latin telenovelas and The Baby Channel’s top-rated infant and toddler content to UK viewers.”

It takes EE’s roster of Vonetize channels to three, having added a HD Bollywood channel to its portfolio in September.