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DPP sets out predictions for 2022, including sustainability, virtual production and linear OTT

"They paint a picture of an industry determined to grow and adapt to rapid change and colossal demand for content," said the DPP

The DPP has published its annual predictions report, setting out eight key forecasts for the media industry in 2022.

The organisation canvassed the opinions of 31 senior members from across its membership.

“They paint a picture of an industry determined to grow and adapt to rapid change and colossal demand for content,” said the DPP. “But it is also a picture of anxiety and instability due to turbulent economic conditions.”

Each of the eight predictions have been ranked by percentage of votes, with the purpose of the workplace will be redefined, one of the DPP’s predictions for 2021, topping the vote. The report states “every aspect of company culture is set to be under scrutiny in 2022. A major part of this will be how, and how often, the workplace will be used”.

The second most popular prediction is that virtual production will enter the mainstream, with the use of augmented reality in live production and content capture moving beyond innovation to widespread adoption.

Media organisations will design for cross-functional agility, bringing together multidisciplinary teams to react to the next content or consumer trend, came third.

The prediction that 2022 will be the year of linear OTT, emerging as a solution to tackle the staggering proliferation of content, was voted in fourth place.

The other four predictions include market disruption and consolidation, businesses will focus more on their core strengths, financial constraints will focus attention on existing IP, and procurement decisions will be decided by sustainability.

“What is striking about the unprecedented impact of the pandemic, is that the change vectors are heading in so many different directions,” said DPP CEO Mark Harrison, the report author. “The very definition of the media industry is being stretched and remoulded in a way that offers enormous opportunity – but also unprecedented risk. There is no roadmap.” 

The DPP 2022 predictions report is available to download by both DPP members and non-members here.