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DPP launches project to support media industry recovery

In-depth look at the key principles that the DPP thinks will increase resilience and growth in the post coronavirus media economy

The DPP has announced the launch of Design for Tomorrow, an in-depth look at the key principles that it thinks will increase resilience and growth in the post coronavirus media economy.

The project will take the form of a series of six special reports and webcasts – each based on bespoke research.

The six areas of study are:

  • Key Design Principles – an introductory, agenda-setting work, defining the common principles that need to inform the design of all media businesses in the wake of the pandemic
  • Content Creation – exploring how production entities can best design to be efficient, flexible, and responsive to different circumstances
  • Content Preparation – looking at the key supply chain processes and best practices around content receipt, and preparation for distribution and archive 
  • Libraries and Archives – content companies in the future will need their inventory to be usable and accessible – from anywhere. This research will explore how this will best be achieved
  • Distribution – consumers now regard media as a utility, so there’s no single more important activity than the ability to get content to them – never mind what might be happening in the world
  • Commercial relationships – how do suppliers and customers best support each other when both need to be prepared for uncertainty? It will examine the business relationships of the future

The first part of the project will be published at the end of August. Access to the reports and events will be for DPP members via the DPP website.

“No media company will emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic intending to be the same as it was before,” said DPP managing director, Mark Harrison, “Every company will seek to redesign itself for success in an uncertain future. This work will provide the latest thinking they need to help them do it.”