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Disney Plus already valued over $1 billion according to Barclays

Disney Plus already worth 69 per cent of Netflix's enterprise value

Despite it only being available in five countries, Disney Plus is already valued at $107 billion according to Barclays.

The bank estimated Disney’s total enterprise value, which it puts at around $320 billion, with its core business (such as parks, film studios and TV networks) making up the majority, $213 billion. This means that Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming businesses are worth around $107 billion.

An investor’s note from Barclays said: “Just six weeks into launch, Disney is already pricing in a streaming business worth $108 billion, 69 per cent of Netflix’s enterprise value, which has taken 13 years to get here.”

Barclays also said that Disney may look to additional distribution deals in order to keep the streamer’s momentum going. The company has already signed distribution deals with Canal+ in France.

Disney Plus will reach more subscribers when it launches in Western Europe on 31st March.