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Densitron acquires Intelligent Display Systems

IDS sales and engineering team joins Densitron

Densitron has announced the acquisition of the Intelligent Display Systems (IDS) platform from Cambridge-based broadcast business IPE.

According to Densitron, IDS allows broadcasters to connect, control and automate devices and activities in and around the studio. The platform is secure, centrally administered and managed.

The IDS sales and engineering team have also joined Densitron to ensure continuity of service and further innovation for the platform.

Densitron MD Simon Jones said: “The IDS platform gives Densitron a further product innovation boost in the broadcast sector.

“IDS solutions are already deployed across a wide range of major broadcasters and together with Densitron’s global reach and the ability to invest will enable us to grow the customer base for IDS.”

IDS global business development director Reuben Such added: “We have worked with Densitron for over 18 months already, co-exhibiting the IDS platform with Densitron HMI and display technology at a number of industry trade shows.

“The synergy of the products and teams across the two organisations was apparent, so we are excited to accelerate growth in IDS now that we can enjoy the support of the wider Densitron organisation.”