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Cooke Optics expanding operations

Cooke Optics has announced plans to expand its operation with the opening of a second factory near its base in Leicester.

The new development is in response to growing demand for the company’s precision lenses for film and television and will also facilitate the development and manufacturer of new ranges.

The 700 square metre factory will focus on building the new Cooke Panchro/i Classic range, which was announced at IBC 2016 and is expected to make its debut at NAB 2017.

The lenses offer the original design and characteristics of Cooke’s vintage Speed Panchros, with new housing and PL mounts for modern cameras.

“Following the expansion of our existing factory in 2013, we are in the enviable position of needing yet more space as demand for our lenses continues to grow,” said Les Zellan, chairman and owner, Cooke Optics.

“With the ongoing affection for lenses that bring character to digital images, new ranges such as the Panchro/i Classics and modified series like the Anamorphic/i SF and uncoated S4/i are more sought after than ever. The new factory will help us to bring cinematographers more choices for their stories.”