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Comcast CEO discusses possible European Sky expansion

Brian Roberts tells investors: "We bought Sky to try to grow it"

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts has discussed the possibility of Sky’s expansion into Central and Eastern Europe.

Reporting from Comcast’s virtual annual shareholders meeting, The Hollywood Reporter¬†said Roberts responded to a question about expanding into Central and Eastern Europe: “We’re always looking at ways to have our products available to more consumers. So you can assume that we bought Sky to try to grow it, and how we execute upon that, time will tell.”

Roberts also told investors that the Sky deal helped Comcast gain market leadership in the US, UK, Germany and Italy: “The key message is we have the scale and capabilities to compete with anyone in our markets, or potential new entrants.

“Our acquisition of Sky in October significantly expanded our global footprint, and our position as a leader in media and technology,” he added.