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CNBC chooses Telemetrics Robotics for London studio

Business news specialist, CNBC has installed a four-head Telemetrics Robotics system at its new European studio in London.

Business news specialist, CNBC has installed a Telemetrics Robotics system at its new European studio in London, writes David Fox.

It has bought a four PT head camera system. Two of the heads are mounted on the ceiling and inverted left and right of the main studio floor, while the two other units are mounted facing each other on Telemetrics’ EWM elevating wall mount vertical track sets. This installation is part of a major studio upgrade for CNBC, with the Telemetrics systems chosen for their ability to provide dynamic camera angles throughout the multiple presentation positions in the new studio.

“An important aspect for the choice was the small foot print of the Telemetrics systems, along with an ability to have them integrated to our existing Radamec controller in the gallery,” explained CNBC’s Neil Burt, head of technical operations, EMEA.

“Delivery was critical, as was installation and integration, which was carried out to the letter.” This was achieved with the assistance of Metreel, the Telemetrics specialist metal work partner. “This is just another superb example of the unique abilities offered by the range of solutions available from Telemetrics and the many other represented manufacturers provided by Bright Space,” claimed Colin Clarke, senior technical sales & support manager for Bright Space Technologies, which is the UK agency and European sales & support arm for Telemetrics.