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Cathedrals of Culture reaches great heights with Mistika

Working at Berlin's ARRI Mitte, online editor Christian Tröger used Mistika's toolsets to post produce scenes for Cathedrals of Culture.

Working at Berlin’s ARRI Mitte, online editor Christian Tröger used Mistika’s toolsets to post produce scenes for Cathedrals of Culture. The Neue Road Movies-produced film portrays various buildings around the world. Director Wim Wenders covers the Berlin Philharmonic building, while other featured structures include the National Library in Russia’s St. Petersburg; the Oslo Opera House (pictured, below); and the Centre Pompidou (pictured, bottom) in Paris.

Neue Road Movies selected ARRI Mitte’s creative team to conduct the visual post work. The complete finishing process, including conform, Stereo 3D alignment, as well as most of the VFX shots, were achieved by Christian Tröger using SGO’s Mistika post production system based at ARRI Mitte post facility.

In Cathedrals of Culture most of the offline editing occurred on location where the buildings were filmed, or where the director resided. Cameras and formats used ranged from the ARRI Alexa, Cannon RAW 5K timelapse, RED 3, 4, and 5K, right through to archival and still shots.

“We decided to complete this project in a 2.5K workspace, but always directly from the camera footage, which meant that all of the array of resolutions were brought down on-the-fly to a specific 1:1.85 ratio which would fit exactly into the final 2K DCP at a later stage,” explained Tröger. “From this unity resolution, we continued to add the stereoscopic treatment that the film required, including re-framing, compositing, stabilisation and so forth.”

He continued: “Our last sizeable Stereo 3D project at ARRI Mitte was back in 2010, and since then, the Mistika stereoscopic toolset has grown into a very complex and main core solution. Without the smart functions and the utterly phenomenal speed and usability, we wouldn’t be able to deliver such complex depth grading work, not to mention as well as all the other demanding tasks that Mistika handles at the same time for us.”

The 168-minute film, which combines all six episodes, and examines human life through man made structures, and will be released in Stereo 3D with the aim of capturing the essence of each building.

Berlin Philharmonic (top), photo credit: Wim Wenders 2013

Pompidou Centre, photo credit: Ali Olkay Gazkaya 2013

Oslo Opera House (bottom), photo credit: Oystein Mamen 2013