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BuzzFeed Video launches

Buzzfeed has released its video application on Android and iOS

BuzzFeed has released its video app on Android and iOS.

The app, which was developed to allow users to view all BuzzFeed video content in one place, features trending videos in a live feed, as well as the ability to browse content from individual shows.

Video content automatically plays as the user scrolls through the feed. Much like Facebook and Twitter, videos are muted by default, allowing users to manually turn on the volume when something catches their eye.

Users can subscribe to individual shows, enabling notifications for new content.

“We’re excited about native apps because we can provide deep experiences that aren’t always possible on the web,” a BuzzFeed spokeswoman said.

“Providing rich features like notifications, personalisation and content exclusivity can bring huge enhancements to the video experience.”

BuzzFeed will also integrate it’s only native video player into the app, instead of relying on YouTube or Facebook for curated content.

Jesse Shapins, BuzzFeed app product director, said, “You can’t use an embedded player in the feed where you can have auto-play and deliver the really seamless experience that a user will expect.”